What's the funniest thing you could say about this picture?

A seemingly simple picture could provoke endless funny comments. Comments like :

  • Once they found Nemo, they wish they hadn't...
  • Lesson number 1 : Catching fish with a shotgun, will leave you hungry...
  • Fish knew he could beat fin-rot, but it would take some time

  • Can you do better? Of course you can!

    That is the idea behind this site. A topic is provided and you make the funniest comment(1Liner) you can. In TV programs like "Never mind the Buzzcocks", "They thought it's all over", "Who's line is it anyway" etc. a team of comedians is presented with similar topics and they come up with some pretty crafty stuff. How many time have you thought by yourself : "I can do better than that! I'm the funniest person alive!" Well, now's your chance. What's more, you will be rated by others and in turn rate them...

    Along with daily topics/picture's there will also be categories for classics such as the ever popular Chuck Norris jokes


    Why does it sometimes say 'cannot frown this user at this time' when voting?
    What's the My Pocket box in the top right hand corner?
    Q: Why does it sometimes say 'cannot frown this user at this time' when voting? It only does it if you frown and not when you laugh.
    A: To try and prevent malicious 'revenge' frowning, 2 measures were brought into place. 
    1. You cannot frown the same users twice in a row
    2. A user cannot be frowned by the same user twice in a row
    So even if I have frowned you and then someone else, I cannot frown you until someone else has frowned you.
    Q: What's the My Pocket box in the top right hand corner?

    A: You can now earn virtual money to buy prized items(to be added later) and privileges. Other users will be able to tell from your highly collectible possessions how successful a 1Liner you are! Posting a 1Liner will be an investment, as it will cost a fee according to the class you're in. Likewise, your votes will count more the higher class you are in. If a higher-classed user votes for your 1Liner, you get more $'s! You also earn $$$ for voting!! Here is a quick example of how to earn $$$s by voting, based on your user class which is 0 at the moment.

    When you LAUGH - My Class * Your Class * 10 = $$$ Amount other user gets when you vote for him, you get half of that for laughing

    When you FROWN - My Class * Your Class * -5 = $$$ Amount deducted from other user gets, you loose half of that for frowning

    If I am class 7 and you are class 5 you will get $350 for a LAUGH from me. I will get $175 for laughing.
    If I am class 7 and you are class 5 you will get -$350 for a FROWN from me. I will get -$175 for frowning.

    As another example, these are the effects ewhen you laugh a other user's 1Liners ( frowing causes negative amounts )
    My Class Other User's Class Constant Other User gets You get
    0110$0You get $0 for voting
    0210$0You get $0 for voting
    0310$0You get $0 for voting
    0410$0You get $0 for voting
    0510$0You get $0 for voting
    0610$0You get $0 for voting
    0710$0You get $0 for voting
    If "My Class" is zero you are logged in as guest. Register or Login. New users are class 1

    Thus, the higher class you are in, the more money will be added to your score when you vote or someone votes for you. How do you get to the next class? VOTE.
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